initial herbal consultation

herbal consultations

60 minutes
When you need to go deep and make lasting change, but don't need a full 90m consult to do so.  Appropriate for follow-up's and when new issues arise after an initial has been completed.

herbal consultation

30 minutes
This is a jam-packed half hour consult that allows as to review any present concerns and discuss your custom protocol, while not taking up too much time in your day. For busy students, mamas, and worker bees who need a little love.

follow-up herbal consultation

90 minutes
This is our most comprehensive consult. The extended time allows us to truly explore your medical history and current concerns, with plenty of time to discuss principles of nutrition, herbal medicine, mindfulness, and other key aspects of your custom protocol.

just checking in

15 minutes
This is a quick check-in to address acute needs like colds, flus, viruses, infections, rash outbreaks, flare up's, and other urgent issues. Think of this like an old school visit to the doctor's office, but instead of heading straight for an Rx we utilize traditional healing remedies to encourage your body's innate healing.

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This is *not* your average health consultation. Together we will dig deep and build radiant wellness + vitality from the ground up. Extensive guidance on all aspects of healthy living will be covered. Currently seeing clients on Friday's only. If this doesn't work for your schedule or this is genuinely beyond your financial ability, please reach out. You deserve to feel your best without limitation.

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