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Who We Are

Healing Heritage was founded on the simple premise that: what is good for people, is good for the planet. In our culture a lack of ecological understanding and relationship has led to mass degradation of our environment, while at the same time we have seen a rise in modern disease and chronic illness.  The toxic pollution of our water, air, and soil is deeply intertwined with the toxicity we are experiencing in our bodies. By making simple choices in our day-to-day lives we can have a profoundly beneficial impact on our own health, the health of our local and global communities, and the health of our planet.

What We Stand For

is the practice of studying and working with plants to create optimum health. Herbalism has been practiced for thousands of years and though it is often categorized as 'alternative', it is still the majority of the world's primary source of medicine. At the most basic physical level, plants contain therapeutic constituents that have myriad effects on the physiology of the human body. This is why many pharmaceuticals are derived from plant compounds! Medicinal plants have the capacity to work directly with the systems of the body - affecting everything from brain function to hormone balance, blood sugar, metabolism, cellular function, reproductive health, digestion, and much more. 

Plants and fungi evolved alongside us to have the capacity to promote deep healing and transformation. When we experience profound healing from working with a plant we develop a strong appreciation for and connection to nature. This emotional connection to the planet is a vital part of healing the rift that's causing the modern climate crisis.

Herbal Medicine

is the practice of cultivating wellness through a balanced diet. Food is at the foundation of health, ensuring our body has all it needs to function at its best. This school of nutrition acknowledges bioindividuality as a core tenet, that all people are different and no one way of eating will work for everyone. You will never hear us forcing a specific diet on you, promoting restrictive dieting, or counting calories. Instead, we believe in educating and empowering folks to eat intuitively. We believe in filling yourself up with all the good foods you possibly can. Eating is a form of love and self-care after all!

We value fresh and unprocessed foods, wholesome fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, wild-caught seafood, and pasture-based animal foods. We value local farms and farmers, recognizing the life-giving importance of having a relationship to your food and where it comes from. We know that choosing sustainably sourced food is a form of activism during a time when agricultural practices are depleting top soil, polluting our water supply, and poisoning our bodies.

holistic nutrition

is about more than sustainability. Our lifestyle plays a major role in our quality of life. In addition to using nutrition and herbal medicine to promote well-being, we also need to pay attention to our toxic load, sleeping habits, movement and exercise routines, stress levels, relationships, creative outlets, sense of purpose, and connection to nature. When we choose packaged and processed foods we're not only exposing ourselves to a heavier toxin load, but we are engaging in a system which is putting a greater toxic burden on our wildlife and natural ecosystems.

Sustainable living is about redefining modern living to include both traditional wisdom and 21st century innovation. It is about taking the absolute best possible care of ourselves, so that we are better equipped to help take care of others. Sustainable living is regenerative living. This means a better life for each individual and the global community as a whole. Learning how to live more sustainably will help you achieve greater health, wellness, connection, and opportunity for growth!

sustainable living

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